Mom, What Happened to Her?


In her book, Mom, What Happened to Her? Terra tells her story of growing up with a disability (something she had to learn she had) and discovering how God had called her to use her gifts. She offers practical steps you can take as an individual or a Church body to ensure that everyone is able to be an active member of the Church, as they were designed to be. Terra has a heart for inclusion and believes disabled individuals can meaningfully contribute in ministry alongside the able-bodied community.

“I want people to see that disability is not a topic that needs to be avoided, or hushed.”
–Terra Lynch

Mom, What Happened to Her?

Terra’s book is available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle.


A must read!

“Terra’s honesty and openness in sharing her experiences living with CP as well as her call to serve God is deeply inspirational. It will no doubt change the way the church and society as a whole views the gifts of all individuals!”

A wonderful perspective that challenges the way we value others.

“Terra has a gift with words. Joy pours out of her heart & onto the pages of her book. She shines light on the value of life & how God has beautifully created every person with the ability to glorify Him.”

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