Terra desires to see people walk in their purpose. Through mentoring and technology support, she builds relationships with individuals to help them reach their goals and grow into stronger, more independent people.

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Terra’s goal as a mentor is to create and foster relationships to equip individuals to be successful in the world. Whether it’s being a listening ear, an encouragement, or walking alongside people as they work through life’s challenges, Terra wants to be a supportive friend.

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“Terra has helped me become a better person and walked with me through the many ups and downs of my life. I value her advice and friendship!”

Technology Support

Terra provides technology support for people with disabilities. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • scheduling appointments
  • creating and sending emails
  • online banking
  • navigating social media and the online world

Technology support looks different for each person. With this in mind, Terra creates flexible strategies that are adapted to each person’s need, with the overall goal to equip him or her to be responsible and wisely navigate through technology (for devices or software) independently, efficiently, and confidently. Terra also provides support for family members of individuals with disabilities so they can be included in the learning process.

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