Terra Lynch

Terra Lynch

Terra is a graduate of California State University, Fresno. She received a Bachelor’s in Recreation Administration, with an emphasis in youth and community services. Terra traveled around the world for 26 years as an International Ambassador, spreading the message of inclusion. In 2019, Terra was able to publish her first book, called Mom, What Happened to Her? Today, Terra is a small business owner. She was able to start her own micro-enterprise in the field of graphic design, called: Terra Lynch Designs. She is also a service provider, supporting and mentoring people with disabilities who want to learn about and become more versed in technology, while also becoming more independent.

In 2021, Terra was a guest speaker on The Well’s podcast, WellCast. Hear from her as she shares her passion for inclusivity in the church and what it looks like to be a people that come alongside others regardless of their abilities. Listen to podcast.

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